Bio Degradable and Non Bio Degradable Wastes



Technology has improved the quality of life and given birth to an advanced from of live. This has varying impart on the environment and other lives on the earth. There are lot of waste materials which are degradable and non-degradable collected on the earth.

Bio degradable wastes

Bio degradable wastes such waste materials which are and can be degraded by natural factors like microbes [eg: bacteria, fungi and few more], abiotic elements like temperature, uv, oxygen ect. [eg: food waste, kitchen waste, human waste, manure,  sewage, slaughter house waste

Micro organisms and other abiotic factors together break down complex substances into simpler organic matters which eventually suspend and fade into soil. The whole process is natural which can be rapid or slow. Therefore the environmental issues and risks caused by bio degradable wastes are low.

Non-bio degradable wastes

Non-bio degradable wastes are those who cannot be decomposed or dissolved by natural agents. They remain on earth for thousand of years without any degradation. Hence the threat caused by them is also more critical. [eg: water bottles, tin cans, tires, plastic, nuclear waste


Harmful effects of non-bio degradable wastes

  1. Ground water contamination

     Long term exposure to the environment can cause petroleum based plastic to emit toxic pollutants

  1. Out gassing When slow degrading plastic endure high temperatures they begin to melt and emit dangerous gases into the atmosphere through a process known as out gassing
  1. Trash and pollution in the oceans can negatively affect tourism and sea-dependent economics
  2. Harm to marine life, fish and birds accidently digest, endangering their over all well being
  3. They also choke drains leading to flooding
  4. Large number of street animals die every year due to choking caused by polythene lying on the roads

Management practices for non-bio degradable wastes

  1. Reduce - Reducing land fill is a great way to do your part for the environment
  2. Reuse - From environment point of view it's best not to dispose things, but reuse them as much as possible, Reuse reduces the need for new materials and keeps ecological impact down
  3. Recycle - It is the process of converting waste materials into reusable objects to prevent waste

Recently majority of the risks is created by non- degradable waste materials. Therefore we should concern about proper usage and management practices of those type of materials

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