Genetically Modified Foods (GMO Foods)

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GMO foods are very common in American and Canadian diets. Not because people choose to eat GMOs but, because they are unaware of how pervasive GMO ingredients have become in processes foods. Biotech companies have been very successful in lobbying to prevent labeling. There are no requirements to label GMO foods, despite concerted efforts by consumer groups.

GMOs are made from combining genes from two or more unrelated species into one organism. The two most common types of genetic modifications are modifying crops to produce pesticides or modifying them to be immune to herbicides. (making them Roundup ready) Sugar beets have been modified to be Roundup early. Both kinds of genetic modifications have been done to corn and soy in the same seed.

          GMOs have not undergone long term studies. When biotech claims GMOs have been tested thousands of times, they’re referring to go-day studies or studies done for less than two years that have been funded by the industry.

There have been several studies linking to GMOs to numerous health problems. The most common problems associated with long term GMO consumption are kidney and liver damage. Faulty insulin regulation, accelerated aging, cancer and fertility.

The eight most common GMO crops are corn, soya beans, canola, cotton seed, sugar beets, papaya, zucchini and squash. Unfortunately, hundreds o other genetically modified foods are in development. It is only a matter of time before GMOs become much harder to avoid.

GMOs are almost always in processed foods. Soy, high fructose corn syrup or sugar from sugar beets are found in almost every processed food. Over 90% of soy, corn and sugar beets grown in the U.S have been genetically modified. I you see these ingredients in your food, you can bet it has been genetically modified.


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