The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment is science. As a team, it is our duty to let children know more about science and allow their contribution to develop their writing skills. The science magazine allows our students to do their own research and submit their own piece of work. Publishing our student's work as a book encourages them in doing future projects. The science union have been successful in releasing 22 magazines so far across the past years. After many challenges and difficulties we have managed to complete the 23rd magazine. In this magazine we decided to take Green Revolution as our key to complete this book. We can all see that industrialization has taken over and the amount of farming and agricultural activities have decreased. Our aim is to make people aware of the things happening around them through our students. The use of technology now-a-days in increasing every second. Arumbu connects all our students within our school together but E-Arumbu connects everyone from all over the world , together. With the help of E-Arumbu our students can access the science resources photos ect. through online networking. We can tell the contribution of E-Arumbu in widening the knowledge and its progress in developing scientific facts by including articles, videos, photos etc.

Covers of our magazine Arumbu


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